A story that I did not intend to make public

What I am going to tell you in this post is not something recent, it happened a few months ago and I did not think about talking about it on the web because, personally, I think it is better to keep it private so as not to provoke erroneous impressions in those people who do not know, something that probably happens at first.

I write these lines at the request of several people who already know what happened. Users who came to Planet OTC a long time ago and who have accompanied me in the good and the bad all these years, becoming true friends. I have been asked on several occasions that this story to know because, in own words of one of them:

“People must know that you can really make money with penny stocks, that losses exist but profits also, and can materialize into something real and tangible.”

They scold me because I am not teaching the most beautiful face in history, the happy ending that every investor expects after depositing their hopes (and savings) in an action. Actually, I have always commented on the results, both positive and negative, of each operation but, in your eyes, the successful ones are only numbers on a screen while the money continues in digital format, inverted or not, in the broker. When I told them that I had withdrawn part of the gains in the market to buy a car, their reaction was peculiar.

They already knew the results of the last investments, they knew that they had gone very well and delivered a high profitability, however, it was not until they knew this and saw the pictures when they really had a more precise measurement of what can be achieved with these actions. It was not just about figures on a monitor, it was something that could be touched. It was not until after hearing his comments that I became aware of it myself.

Certainly, it has been the first great gift that I have made to myself using money earned in the stock market. Until now, the capital gains had continued in digital format, ones and zeros, either from the broker or from the company where they were invested.

But after the last operation and after the epic that we live because of the operational blockade that we suffered in 2015, I decided to make the worst investment you can think about: buying a car, but which I do not regret and enjoy every day.

So I agree with them that this would really be the final goal that is intended to arrive as an investor. It may be a good idea to convey this proof that small investors do have real options to get something out of the market.

However, I would not like to send the wrong message that this is always the prize you get. Any investment in penny stocks involves the risk of losing everything and that is something that should never be forgotten. Although good, as you well know, we repeat it on OTC Planet ad nauseum.

It all starts with a stock that is trading at $0.0001

Yes it is. Nothing from Apple, Tesla or BBVA. Nothing of the NASDAQ or NYSE. This starts with a triple zero stock in the OTC Pink or, as the great Superfungi likes to call it: the cave of Ali Baba and the forty thieves.

For those of you who have followed us for a long time this is obvious, however, I mention it because you can not imagine how many times, after asking me how I got this car and explaining that I did investing in penny stocks, I was told:

  • How are you going to make so much money with shares that are worth so little?!
  • Who can think of putting their savings in these micro-companies and not in secure securities such as Google or Pfizer?!
  • Where such actions come from, I had not heard them in my life?!
  • How do you have the courage to buy shares in companies that capitalize on that ridiculousness and are certainly bankrupt?!
  • You are crazy putting your money in the hands of companies whose CEO is the only employee and who do not even have a website!
  • And you say that you bought the shares at 0,000000 how much…?

The list could continue with many similar ones. Whenever I hear them, they pull out a small smile. Smile when looking back and remember all the time that has passed since back in 2007 I discovered this exciting world of OTC and decided to embark on it. I was the one who was asking those questions then and the one who now tries to throw a little light on them in everything I can do well. It has been a long, tortuous and very, very complicated road, with its good and bad times, but of which I do not regret at all, since it has taught and tanned me in equal parts.

Of course, this trip never ceases and you should always be willing to continue learning because, as very accurately shows us this image, what we know does not make up but a small island in the vast ocean of knowledge:

For all those who are not familiar with the OTC market and the penny stocks, I recommend that you begin to enter the subject reading this article and the derivatives that you will find inside during the dissection.

In Planeta OTC we specialize in zero triple zero OTC shares that are quoted in no-bid, that is, the moment in which there is absolutely no one who wants to buy shares even at the cheapest price they can cost: 0.0001 USD! Think how bad things have to be to get to that point.

And well, do not believe that I am buying shares at $0.0001 here and there indiscriminately as the one that throws the primitive. That decision comes after having studied with precision the company’s surgeon for a long time, analyzing multiple aspects that must be taken into account.

When you finally decide to buy in those circumstances, you are buying your shares from someone who was willing to sell them for months or even years and, surely, there are still hundreds of millions more on sale for dozens of shareholders who are also looking forward to getting out of that hell . It seems crazy, right?

In response to the words that the oracle of Omaha once uttered:

“Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can’t buy what is popular and do well.”

If you take a look at the Results section of the web you can see, commented in detail, all the operations we have done to date and that have led us here.

What is the moral of this story?

First of all, we will always be at the mercy of:

  • The company in which we invest
  • The market in general
  • Our broker
  • Luck

Secondly, although we carry out excellent research and analysis, once we have made our bet, nothing is under our control and we will always depend on third parties. It sounds truly unmotivating, I know. The good news?

That happy endings do exist in the stock market and penny stocks. It is not a myth, it is not a utopia, it is something that can be achieved. Always? No, I wish. But while the successes overcome the failures, we will be on the right track.

Finally, the most important conclusion that I have reached is that, if you succeed, you turn part of the profits into something tangible: the entrance of a house, a car, a trip, clothes, I have no idea, what you want ! What you most want to achieve at that moment.

If the money is always in digital format, even in the bank’s account, you will probably end up investing it again and, perhaps, losing. I will never be able to snatch the prize from the market, it is something that will always be there and will remind me on a daily basis that I was able to defeat the system, even if it failed later.

This is what my friends from Planeta OTC consider so important (and I now too) and it is the final moral that I want to convey. Do not fall into the trap of the story of the milkmaid wanting more and more, because in the end you can stay with one hand in front and one behind.

I hope this article helps to regain hope for those who have lost it, without confusing those who start dreaming for the first time. And I hope to have transmitted the advice to learn to truly enjoy, in the way that each one prefers, of all the work, patience and suffering planted during your investment.

Take this opportunity to thank the support and trust received during all these years and remember that we will continue working every day to try that others can reach the goal. That is the purpose with which this website was born and that, with the inestimable help of all of you, readers and collaborators, I believe we are achieving.

As always: the best of luck out there.

P.S. I leave the series that always comes to mind when I operate in this market and I suppose it has something to do with that I decided to buy a car. How many birds did that damn Crockett put in our heads …


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